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How Often Should I Take My Pet to the Vet?

If you are a pet owner, you are probably wondering how often you should take your pet to the vet. Vet visits will depend on different factors that vary with each situation. Puppies and senior pets will require more frequent visits than healthy adult dogs. The frequency of visits will also depend on the breed of animal and your location. 


Annual Wellness Visits


In general, all pets require an annual visit to the vet for a complete physical checkup. This is something that every pet will require regardless of age or breed. The wellness exams offer an opportunity to keep track of your pet’s growth and development. 


You can get preventative care for your pet while also making the best choices for your pet’s health. The annual wellness exams will allow your vet in Greenwood Village, CO to look for signs of any health issues. Detecting health issues early is vital for successful treatment and a long life. 


From Birth to One Year 


During early puppyhood, it may be recommended by your veterinarian to schedule wellness exams every month. A visit every three to four weeks until the pet is 16 weeks old may be necessary. The visits allow the young pet to get the recommended vaccinations. 


Puppy vaccination schedules and needs will vary depending on your location and the health of your pet. Your veterinarian in Greenwood Village will give you the schedule for the basic vaccinations. After the vaccination schedule is complete, the next visit may be in six months or when your pet is one year old.


One to Seven Years (Adulthood)


Adult pets will usually require an annual wellness visit. The annual exam will include a complete physical checkup, from head to tail. The visit will also include vaccination updates and dental examinations. 


During the visit to Greenwood Village Veterinary Clinic, your vet will inquire about the animal’s training, behavior, and overall wellness. Depending on the results of the exam, your vet may recommend treatment or additional tests. You can also get information about pet diets and other useful tips. 


Over Eight Years (Senior Pets)


Senior pets usually have special health needs that require frequent vet visits. At this age, the animals are more prone to age-related illnesses and injuries. Senior pets need to visit the vet every six months, or semi-annually. 


During the visits, your vet may recommend different diagnostic tests that may include blood testing. The tests will help assess the animal’s health while also providing useful information for future visits. 


Emergency Vet Visits


Apart from the annual or semi-annual visits, there are other occasions where you may need to visit the vet. Emergencies happen, and a situation may arise where you need to take your pet to the vet immediately. It is important to know the signs that call for immediate vet care. If your pet suffers an injury or experiences broken bones, you need to take them to the vet. 


If they exhibit symptoms like difficulty breathing, seizures, vomiting, diarrhea, or unconsciousness, you need to visit the vet immediately. Also, look out for pale gums, disorientation, and poisoning.


You should not worry about making too many visits to the vet. Proper health care will help ensure that your pet lives a long and healthy life.


To learn more about when is the right time to take your pet to the vet, contact Greenwood Village Veterinary Clinic at our office in Greenwood Village, Colorado. You can call (303) 771-6304 today to schedule an appointment.

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