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How Often Do Pets Need Dental Exams?

Most pet parents understand that it is important to take their pet to the veterinarian at least once every year. The annual physical exams are important to keep the pet healthy, happy, and safe. What most people do not realize is that it is equally important for pets to get pet dental exams.

Having your pet’s teeth checked can go a long way in ensuring that you protect their oral health and overall health. It is a good idea to find out how often your pet needs dental exams.

Why Pets Need Dental Exams

Pets need dental exams for the very same reasons that humans need them. Your dog can suffer from oral health issues, including gum disease and tooth loss. Plaque is a substance that forms over the teeth and is made up of saliva, food particles, and mouth cells.

The plaque begins to form immediately after eating. If not dealt with, plaque accumulates, resulting in gum inflammation and eventually causing tissue decay. As inflammation gets worse it can destroy supporting bone, leading to tooth loss. Periodontal disease is more common in pets than it is in humans.

Frequency of Pet Dental Exams

The frequency of dental exams will depend on different factors. An annual exam is necessary, but more frequent exams may be required. The best way to determine how often your pet needs dental exams is by consulting your vet in Greenwood Village, CO.

Examination of your pet’s current oral health will determine how often you should take them back to the vet. Other factors to consider include the pet’s age, lifestyle, the breed of the animal, and overall health. Senior pets will tend to have more dental problems than healthy adult dogs.

Annual Dental Cleaning

Cleaning your pet’s teeth regularly at home is important. It helps to remove food debris and substances that can lead to the growth of bacteria. However, at-home cleaning is not enough, so your pet will require professional cleanings as well.

Experts recommend that pets get professional dental cleaning once a year, at least. During the dental cleaning, the vet will examine the pet’s mouth to make sure that the teeth and gums are healthy.

More Frequent Cleaning

Apart from the annual cleaning, it may be necessary for a pet to get more frequent dental cleanings. This is usually the case if the pet has signs of gum disease. Your vet may recommend more frequent cleaning of the teeth and gums to prevent the worsening of the condition.

Failing to deal with a gum issue can lead to the development of periodontal disease. Frequent dental cleaning can help to improve or stabilize your pet’s oral condition.

Regular Dental Care

When it comes to regular pet dental care, pets need the types of care that humans do. This means that regular brushing, eating a healthy diet, and regular dental exams are vital for your pet. It is also important to ensure that you choose safe cleaning tools and chewing toys for your pet. Regular cleanings and dental X-rays will help to ensure that the teeth and gums are healthy.

Animals are good at hiding their pain. Your dog may continue to eat even when they have dental issues. That is why dental exams are vital for the health of your pet.


For more on the need for pet dental exams, contact Greenwood Village Veterinary Clinic at our office in Greenwood Village, Colorado by calling (303) 771-6304 today to schedule an appointment.

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